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At London Fox, we provide great incentives to landlords to lease their properties to us. We are one of London’s leading flat-share accommodation providers, operating under a sustainable and growing business model. We provide unbeatable terms to landlords who lease to us.

The process is simple - if your property is deemed suitable after our valuation, we will provide you with an offer within 24 hours. Once the offer is accepted your property is let immediately. We become your tenants.

Our landlords have the benefit of:

  • Crystal clear, simple terms and conditions
  • On the spot tenancy offers
  • Rent guaranteed, with payments made by standing order, regardless of property occupancy
  • Monthly inspections and maintenance at our expense;
  • No commissions or fees charged to landlords
  • Minimum 24 month term agreements, with a break clause on month 12

  • We save landlords hundreds of thousands of pounds a year in agency fees, maintenance costs and vacancy.

    If you have 2+ bedroom properties in London, or if you would just like further information, please contact us below.

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